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Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Claiming He Cured Couple from HIV by prayer


Former Chief Justice Mogoeng has caused such a huge stir on Social media after he revealed that He once prayed for a couple who were diagnosed with HIV and they got healed .

Media companies are calling him crazy and nobody believes him .Chief Justice has made it very known that he is a Christian and he believes in God .He is also against the covid vaccines and belives that people must not take the vaccine. Instead God will cure them .

For him to believe vaccines do not work was another thing but to say that he cured people of hiv .Yes he might have done that .But is that the right thing to say in front of the whole world .There are millions of people living with HIV and some may stop taking their pills and start believing in prayer because of his statements .

Also he must bring the couple and they must show proof that indeed they were HIV postive before and after Mogoeng Mogoeng Prayed for them the virus disappeared.We are not saying he is lying but proof is important in such things .

While others really believe that he healed them of HIV .Some people still dont believe.They believe that Former Chief Justice Mogoeng is not okay in the head lately and must be checked because of the things he is saying lately.He said that the proof he has that they were healed was weight gain .

Do you believe Mogoeng that he healed a couple from HIV or he is losing it .Leave you thoughts below .

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