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Julius Malema drops a bombshell about why he went to vaccinate for Covid-19

Many people in the country are concerned about this issues of manadory vaccination. This is a threat for many people because if they do not vaccinate, they might just find themselves being counted as a statistics of the unemployed in South Africa, and we all know that it is not a good feeling at all.

Many people have been wanting to know whether the leader of the EFF Julius Malema has been vaccinated and for the longest time he was not interested in sharing that kind of information. However, as more and more people complain about mandatory vaccine that is loading, Malema saw it fit to share with the rest of South Africans that he has actually vaccinated.

This is not as simple as many might think because of the reasons that actually made Malema to get vaccinated. I think Malema should have not shared the reasons why he vaccinated because his reasoning is now in question. We know that the slogan for vaccination has been that, if you are vaccinated, you protect yourself and your loved ones but Malema has his own shocking slogan.

Well according to the honorable leader of the EFF Julius Malema, he vaccinated because he saw that white people have been vaccinated. This is really shocking coming from him knowing just how he feels about the white people. This could mean that Malema is a leader who follow white people who got vaccinated and not black leaders who got vaccinated or anybody for that matter. It is very rare that Malema can speak so great about the white people. Maybe there is something that we do not know.

"No one will force anyone to vaccinate. I'm vaccinated because I believe in science and the trials of the covid19 was run on white people and that is unusual. Even Jews are vaccinated and those people don't play with their lives"

It seems like Malema was still waiting to see if the Jews will get vaccinated as they do not play with their lives. The kind of leaders we have in this country. It means we should only trust the white people.

We will now start to see the EFF members making noise about vaccinating. All this time they have been very quite about the vaccine. It is just a matter of time before they start recruiting people to get vaccinated.

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