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Opinion: Best Types of Soups To Eat More As You Grow Older

Natural aging is a multifaceted lifestyle that comes with many challenges and you need to learn to fight and survive those challenges in nature. One of the major problems facing many older ones is a variety of diseases.

 This is usually due to a weakened immune system in most people. Studies show that foods and habits play a role in determining whether a person is old or bad.

 Soup is one of the most common types of soup in Africa, especially for older people. So in this article, I will talk about the best types of soups to eat more as you grow older.

 1. Okra soup


 Okra soup is known for its characteristic and many people like to eat okra soup. Studies have not said much about the soup during its preparation but it is the main ingredient which has been proven to have many benefits for the body.

 Studies show that okra can help control blood sugar levels, contain important anti-bacterial, fiber, vitamin C, B and other nutrients that are good for aging.

 Eating okran may reduce the risk of various heart diseases and may also have some anti-cancer properties. These are the most common types of diseases that older people suffer from.

 2. Egusi soup

 Egusi soup is another type of soup that many people like to eat. Although there are some unconfirmed side effects that many people have mentioned about egusi, some studies have confirmed that it is beneficial for health.

 Studies show that melon seeds are a good source of protein, zinc, calcium, and fiber. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, and promote better heart health.

 3. Edicikong Soup

 This is primarily a vegetable soup. It has been shown to be very good for the body in old age because of the abundance of vegetables.

 But you should not let the vegetables ripen during preparation because it can damage the nutrient level of the soup.

 Source:, somiigbene

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