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Everyone has a right to say no to vaccine- OPINION



Monday opinion

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Everyone has a right to say no to vaccine.

Corona virus has been the worst enemy across the country and nationwide as a whole. With several variants being detected every 2 months time, it is very unanticipated to say that we won't have Corona virus in 2022. It is surely going to be there.

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The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has just revealed that the scientists had discovered a new variant called Omicron. This variant was detected few days ago and it was said not to be that dangerous in such a way that people should panic. However, the president did stated on his other speech that "nobody will be forced to take the vaccine" and he repeated it 3 times. Over 5 million people in South Africa haven't been vaccinated and the country's target hasn't been reached yet.

What does this mean?

People should get a vaccine even though the president had stated it that the vaccine should not be forced into anybody's body, it is against the constitutional rights.

On the other side, Cyril Ramaphosa is urging people to take the vaccine so the country can be as free as people want it to be.

Someone wrote," for the first time in history where the ineffectiveness of the medicine is being blamed on those who haven't taken it".

This follows the speech by Ramaphosa saying that people who are not vaccinated are putting those who are vaccinated in danger zone.

About 16000 positive new cases of corona virus in South Africa has been recorded so far. This would be the results of new variant Omicron.

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As we continue, South African universities has adopted the implementation of mandatory vaccination policy to campus. Anyone who will be coming into the campus would be requested to provide a vaccine proof as the access key.


Nobody should be forced a vaccine as the way to kill the virus, those who are willing to take it should do so.

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