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Omicron variant suspected to have originated from THIS...

Revealed: New Covid-19 Variant Did Not Come From Delta Variant. If You Are HIV Positive, Read Here. 

The new Covid-19 variant by the name of Omicron has been doing rounds in the media. The newly detected variant it is said to have 30 mutations on it which could make the virus more deadly. Some people, however believe that it might not be as deadly as the Delta variant. Research on the new strain is currently being conducted however there are some findings that offer a little bit of light. 

The Omicron variant has been believed to have mutated from the Delta Variant. This however might not be true as a South African virologist by the name of Barry Schoub has spoken that the virus may have come from immunosuppressed and unvaccinated people such as those living with HIV and cancer. 

According to the virologist, Covid-19 could have mutated inside the body of someone who has untreated HIV for a long time. This gave the virus enough time to mutate and survive in a human's body as their system is weaker. 

The scientist therefore sent a strong warning for those who have HIV and have not vaccinated. Those who have been taking their medications for HIV have a better change of warding off viruses in their bodies. Getting vaccinated also provides the protection and strengthens the system go fight off such viruses. 


If the new variant has gotten more opportunity to mutate and learn how to survive in a human's body then the virus could turn to be deadly. However, the Pfizer founder has stated that he believes that the vaccine will be able to offer protection against the virus. Nevertheless, taking our HIV treatments and getting vaccinated remains a must. 

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