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Healthy gain requires healthy eating

Today, although there are complaints about overweight and diet formulas in parallel, there are people who want to gain weight considerably. Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist gives important information to those who want to gain weight, according to them gaining weight is much more difficult than losing weight so we came up with a diet chart for weight gain which is attached below. Firstly, this process requires patience. People who want to gain weight are not enough to gain weight, and they also need to believe it.

According To Nutrionists

Diet specialists state that if the total energy received by the diet is less than the energy consumed or if the food intake is not used by the body, it will be weak. According to nutrionist, one of the other reasons for being weak includes digestive system disorders, hormonal diseases such as hyperthyroidism that run metabolism fast, intestinal parasites and absorption disorders, fear of gaining weight, psychological disorders and related appetite cessation, eating disorder, medications and their effects, those who do too much physical activity, weakening diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, chronic diarrhea, and causes such as irregular eating and long hunger.

If necessary analyzes are made and there is no valid underlying disease and condition, a target of 2 kilos per month can be set with follow-up and communication under the control of a dietician. The aim is to create the necessary tissues in the body. Weight is taken in such a way as to increase fat and lean tissue (muscle tissue, body water, and bone tissue). The goal should be to increase muscle tissue more.

They also listed the ways to gain healthy weight as follows: Breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, must be made and it is very important to make it early in the morning. Those who want to gain weight should definitely not skip meals. Without regular nutrition and quality nutrition, weight gain will not occur.

It is necessary to pay attention to protein and carbohydrate intake to increase muscle tissue. It is essential to include both a carbohydrate food and a fatty and protein food in each meal.

In meals, foods with high-calorie value and protein value should be preferred , you can find things in detail in the diet chart for weight gain. Foods such as nuts, almonds, nuts, toast, milk, cake, fresh and dried fruits, and buttermilk should be taken.

Drinks took with food cause rapid saturation. Even water consumption should be left 45 minutes after eating.

Spices and some sauces flavor the dishes with tomato paste. People who do not have hypertension can easily use it while cooking.

Grain fruit compotes can be consumed in some meals instead of salads.

Desserts should be consumed in a reasonable amount, which will not reduce appetite. Too much dessert consumption leads to decreased intake of main meals and a loss of appetite.

Very intense exercise should not be done. Instead, a 30-minute mild walk 1 hour before eating opens the appetite and increases your calorie intake.

The nutritional value should be increased while cooking. For example, pasta can be cheese, ground meat. Cakes and pastries can be made with hazelnuts. Minced meat, wheat, rice, potato, noodles can be added to soups.

Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast

For some people, gaining weight or adding muscle can be just as difficult as losing weight for others.

However, simply adding certain foods to your diet can make your weight gain efforts both healthy and more effective.

Here are the best foods to help you gain weight or add muscle, the healthy way.


Rice is a convenient, low-cost carb source to help you gain weight. Just 1 cup (165 grams) of cooked rice provides 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and very little fat.

It is also fairly calorie-dense, meaning you can easily obtain a high amount of carbs and calories from a single serving. This helps you eat more food, especially if you have a poor appetite or get full quickly.

When you’re on the go or in a rush, two-minute packs of microwavable rice can be easily added to other protein sources and pre-made meals.

Another popular method is to prepare a large pot of rice for the week and combine it with some proteins and healthy fats.

However, extremely large amounts may not be wise due to their potential arsenic and phytic acid content. Arsenic can cause toxicity and phytic acid can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron.

Try drinking around one or two glasses as a snack, with a meal, or before and after a workout if you are training.

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