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3 cost effective treatment methods for hot flashes.

The first thing a woman going through menopause feels during a hot flash attack is an intense sensation of heat that comes on suddenly.

This is followed by a series of most unpleasant aggravating symptoms. When this happens often, then sweating is the only thing a woman going through menopause prays for it to go away.

But she actually she could disappear. Even if not entirely, it is quite possible to limit the scope of these flashes.

A. Herbal treatments:

These are known to be the most effective and carry almost no risk.

Also known as alternative treatments, they are available with little commitment in terms of money. These herbs are helpful in reducing the frequency of sweating, making sweating softer, and eliminating other symptoms that accompany sweating.

Since the cause of hot flashes is a low level of estrogen, plant-based estrogen (also called phytoestrogen) is helpful in replenishing this vital hormone in a woman's body during menopause.

There are other herbs that do not produce estrogen. Their job is to stimulate the processes of the pituitary gland as well as the endocrine glands which produce natural hormones.

It is an effective way to counter hormonal imbalances.

B. Drugs and surgery:

If you have the cash and you don't mind the risk involved, try this alternative.

Hormone replacement therapy is the most widely used drug therapy during menopause. While working fast and effectively relieving hot flashes, it is also proven to be the cause of many types of cancer in women. There are also other medicines to treat hot flashes.

They include drugs for blood pressure, seizures, and some mild sedatives. The only reason people use HRT is because it relieves your distress quickly.

But its side effects are certainly long-term and occasionally terminal.

C. Lifestyle change:

Discipline is not the easiest thing to teach, especially to a fifty-year-old woman already in menopause. But the truth is, lifestyle discipline may be almost the only answer to a totally healthy, low-cost life.

Since it is established that hot flashes can be triggered by specific substances or behaviors, the object of this therapy is to note the possible cause.

Be sure to keep recording the time, emotion, and environment in which the hot flashes occur. Once the pattern is established, you can now embark on a program that avoids the environment most likely to initiate a hot flash.

It is important to consider the cost implications and side effects associated with choosing your treatment.

Don't go through all three treatments at once, and generally be patient with which treatment you choose. Menopause will be with you for a long time. So be patient with the results.

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