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People Who Are HIV-POSITIVE Should Avoid Doing These 3 Things To Avoid Untimely Death


HIV is not a death sentence, and this outdated notion needs to be disproved. People with HIV are now able to live longer and in better health thanks to antiretroviral drugs, especially if they start their treatment early and stick with it.

However, several behaviours that HIV-positive people have can render their treatment ineffective and possibly reduce their life expectancy. You can extend your life by avoiding certain lifestyle choices. I'd like to discuss some of the behaviours that VerywellHealth advises against in this article.

1. Delaying medical care

This is a typical error with people who are HIV-positive. The best time to start HIV treatment is in the early stages of infection when the CD4 count is high. Early treatment for HIV patients increases survival chances.

2. Smoking

According to Healthline, studies show that people who smoke when they have HIV have a higher risk of dying than people who don't smoke. Smoking reduces an HIV patient's life expectancy by an average of 12 years.

3. Use of Injectable Drugs

HIV-positive people who inject drugs live half as long as HIV-positive people who do not, and toxic infections are more likely. These people also have a higher prevalence of other immune-suppressing blood-borne diseases.

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