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OPINION | Mandatory vaccine is a deadly attack to citizens

Look the people you blindly trusted will force the nation to deadly injection, the only solution now is to take them out of power. Few months ago I wrote in facebook that Ramaphosa will not make vaccine mandatory till after election. Those who remember I even said I am happy if election will be postponed because the mandatory vaccine will delay. It was before opposition take the commission recommendation to Concourt. This thing of forcing people to vaccinate prove those who were labelled as conspiracy theorists correct. It is evil to force people to trust your vaccine and block negative feedback about vaccine. Those who think Satan is not evil enough will learn a lesson of Hell on earth. We have collected enough information about vaccine, some people choose not to believe us. That is very sad because we know what will happen soon, mandatory vaccine is a deadly attack to human race

Dear Africans please do not tell me you want to be political ignorant when you are surrounded by political enemies with evil political agendas against you, don't. Any country which loot your natural resources including your mines, raw material, your land and cheap labour living you to die of hunger and poverty, that country is your enemy. Any country which plant CIA in your country to destibilise peace, persecuting and murdering your true leader that country want you dead. White supremacy and Satanism are partners in this evil. Do Not accept their vaccine donations do not take their loans be careful to accept their act of charity. Not to be politically conscious and politically wise when you are the victim of politics is suicidal, unfortunately some will tell you to stay away from politics and choose voluntary political ignorence. Such advice is dangerous and foolish many people will die as a result of political ignorence they choose. You cannot close your eyes, mind, sleep,and choose ignorence when you are always in danger and trapped in enemies' trap (Proverbs 6:2-5). From when your colonizers and white supremacists are trust worthy?

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