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There were 23 Covid-19 related fatalities as of Tuesday evening

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases used its Twitter channel to share details regarding Covid-19. has been existent in South Africa since 2020 and a lot has happened to the people of South Africa . One of the effects that have been felt in the name of Covid-19 in South Africa are deaths .

Statistics that were released on Tuesday , showed that there were increased number of fatalities from 14 to 23 . This took the total number of fatalities since 2020 to more than 94 000 .These statistics need to remind you that the pandemic can be deadly , hence the need to stick with doing the right thing .

Moving on , there was an increased number of new infections as well to 3 197 . The total number of positive cases that have been detected in the country now stand at 3 585 888 . The number of active cases is less , as they stand at 73 368 . This information reveals that the pandemic is something that is still around , and what matters most is what people do to prevent themselves from getting infected with Covid-19 .

There have been calls from the Department of Health for members of the public to get vaccinated against Covid-19 . Scientists have alleged that getting vaccinated reduces the possibility of getting infected with the virus . When one gets vaccinated , it reportedly means that the possibility of Covid-19 related hospitalizations and deaths get reduced as well . Different people have different views when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccination drive . In order to get reliable information , one can visit health institutions online or physically and be informed about all the concerns that may be there . The information regarding Covid-19 Vaccinations is free from health institutions .


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