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Here are the benefits of not wearing underwear daily

Many people struggles to understand why it is suggested to them not to wear underwears every day as some even don't understand that tight underwears can reduce their chances of not having kids or becoming infertile, tight underwears holds the scrotum close to the abdominal cavity which have high body temperatures than scrotum.

You may reduce high risks of getting infection such as yeast

No one likes getting an infection down there, it can be itchy, debilitating, and downright annoying. Turns out, if you stop wearing underwear, you may reduce your chances of developing a urinary tract or yeast infection, especially for those of you who suffer regular bouts of vaginal infections

Panties can trap excess moisture and microbes. And that can create a moist environment where Candida, a fungus that causes yeast infections.

Not wearing underwears is good for sleep

When you are sleeping, you need to relax, your body, mind and all your body parts. At night you need to let go of underwears so that your scrotum and testicles can relax and get enough fresh air.

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