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OPINION | Companies will never decide for us in taking the vaccine, rather let individuals choose

I hate something that I have to be forced to take, what is it with their vaccines and forcing people to take them. They act as if there are no other diseases, how come they don't force people to use condoms or take ARVs, but you have to take a mandatory vaccine? What the hec is actually going on, they are preparing to give vaccinated people booster shots because the vaccine is not effective against the new variant, and in the same breath, they want to make vaccinations mandatory does that make sense

Companies and government even though are legal personnel but can't take vaccine, so they should not have a say on things like that, allow individuals to choose for themselves what do they want in their bodies. Why is Ramaphosa talking to companies and not the relevant people (us), as we have never nominated companies to represent us. Talk to the people of mzansi like you did during campaigns, you can not because they are going to tell you way to get off, remember we are not kids and we can see through you.

So what happened to the right to freedom of choice if they want to impose mandatory vaccination program on us, it means they are violating our right to freedom of choice so South Africa is no longer democratic country ? Anybody in the health sector administering these poisonous vaccines which have not been tested on animals, must be arrested immediately. We dont support mandatory of vaccine at all he is taking our rights under our nose, Mr Ramaphosa must know that he is the president but not our God, he can control his family not the whole country, our body our choices he has no right to destroy human rights, this is inhuman, may the God help us and fight for us

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