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Foreign Medical Expert Gives Advice On Child Vaccination

There appear to be a lot of people in South Africa and also worldwide who strongly believe children do not get seriously ill from Covid19. They emphasize the unknown risks of vaccination, where there cannot be specific evidence. This isn't good. children under age 12 should not be going to school as they can't be vaccinated, yet. Children are being intubated, what about "Pandemic" do people not understand?

Following the News, a foreign specialist in Medicine on his Twitter handle tweeted. "KIDS vs ELDERLY—Cases are out of control in even Germany among children age 5-14. Per capita #COVID19 incidence far higher than elderly. But politicians worldwide have decided to forget children and just mass-infect kids without vaccines available yet. Shameful.

HT @WeingartenDE."

He said that we all are only concerned on Vaccinating the elderly one living the Young one which are the Kids behind. He stated that Place in Germany are battle with Covid19 with those in the age of 5 to 14. Our political leaders worldwide are forgetting the fact that children are existing. For that our children being infected with Covid19 are massively increasing in number and we as the government are not doing anything, it is so shameful. You can see that Covid19 increases per Capita when contacted which is far higher than the elderly one's.

This same thing has started to happen in Denmark. Vaccination rates in 12+ is very high, but children under 12, have 0 protection. The government is pretending the pandemic has ended, while infections among young is spiking with 0 mitigations in schools. Without sterilising 'vaccines' for a highly mutable virus was always going to risk putting evolutionary pressure on a highly mutable virus to become worst for kids. How bad must it get before the authorised experts admit this? Well it seems they have not forgotten children. The politicians obviously are hoping that the children that didn't die will breed a generation with immunity to Covid19. I have no idea if that would work, but I am very clear about their lack of moral standards.

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