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Greece makes vaccine mandatory for people aged above 60 years

The Covid-19 vaccine mandatory is the only thing that many people are now talking about since the new variant emerged. We know that even here is South Africa this is something that is being looked at.

However some country have already started implementing it. Out of all the people that they could impose the mandatory vaccine, they imposed it on old people who are between the ages of 60. We know that these people are the ones who have been prioritized during the early stages of vaccinations. Old people in Greece will now be forced to vaccinate.

However people are having different opinions about this matter. Some area saying that it is a good thing because they are most vulnerable to the virus. They are a high risk. But there are those people who believes that they want to make vaccine mandatory experiment with them, and that should it happen that they die, they will only blame it on their age and some comorbidities.

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