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A father and mother of child asking for help for their disabled son

 Lindokuhle Luthuli a son to Nyameka Luthuli whom both resides at Mvuzi reseident, she have a disabled son even though he was not born disable from birth till he was two years when he started to have Epilepsy then That's when his disability started.

This problem is started when he was two years to experience fits, then it's where he started not to be able to walk, use his, hands and cannot talk.

 They do not have enough money to maintain this problem currently because during the lockdown they both lost their jobs 

The boy needs special care more specially to visit the doctors twice a month and from their statement they have taken him to several doctors for check up and Xrays what they found is nothing, and they say he is normal.

 They need a help to get a wheelchair for the boy and everything that can help them in taking care of their son with the in this condition.

The most painful and problematic is that they donf have money to pay his needs like essential household basic, madicals and hygiene needs.

Therefore, the family is willing to accept any kinds of help and funds that will make it simple for them to handle the problem.

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Lindokuhle Luthuli Nyameka


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