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Have a look at the SA Covid-19 Statistics released on Thursday

Here are the statistics for the country of South Africa as far as the 27th of January 2022 on Thursday evening

On Thursday evening , the National Institute for Communicable Diseases used its Twitter platform to share the Covid-19 statistics for South Africa on the 27th of January 2022 . Information shared on Thursday evening revealed that there had been been a total of 38 912 Covid-19 tests in the whole of South Africa .

There are now more than 22-million tests that have been conducted in South Africa to date . As for Thursday , there were 4 100 new Covid-19 cases , and the positivity rate stood at 10.5% .The number of cases that were recorded showed that there was an increase in the number of cases .

It is concerning that the cases are slowly increasing and there is no explanation as to why the new Covid-19 cases are increasing . However , there my not be specific explanations as to why the cases are increasing, but there is room for the members of the public to revise their behavior .

Masks need to be worn always by members of the public so as to help curb the spread of the pandemic . Complacency in regard to the wearing of marks is highly discouraged . There may have had been a decrease in positive cases , but it was not a green light to relax as far as compliance to Covid-19 regulations .

There is need as well for work places , schools ,shops and every public place for adherence to the Covid-19 protocols to be promoted . Practices such as sanitizing of hands and surfaces must remain in place . Screening should also be compulsory as it helps with early detection of the symptoms and possible Covid-19 cases .


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