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"I was trying to protect myself but I got exposed" lady dies after 2 weeks of getting vaccinated


The stigmatization around the covid19 vaccine continues to grow even more thus came after a post has been circulating on social media and left many scared of getting vaccinated. According to the government the vaccine is suppose to protect us from the deadly virus that has been claiming lives since last year, although it not 100% guaranteed to protect us they say 98% of people who are dying or getting critically I'll from the virus are not vaccinated. This means that getting the vaccine increases the chances for you to win the fight against the virus. However the side effects of the virus remains unclear, people have been claiming that there ate serious side effects of the vaccine and some of them are even fatal.

After reading Nokwethemba Ntshangase's story it seems that there are indeed serious effects to be concerned about. Following her story the young Lady got vaccinated on 14 September 2021 and she started having serious side effects, she shared on her Facebook account that she felt like her heart was about to stop and her arm was in serious pain. People told her to go to the hospital and she promised to do so, a few days back she wrote about his she wanted to protect herself from covid19 not knowing that she was actually cutting her life short. Today we woke up to the news if her death, it seems she felt it in her that something was not right.

Just two weeks after getting vaccinate Nokweh died and people are really heartbroken. After seeing her posts a lot of people are even more scared to get vaccinated, other people feels that it's time the government tells us about the serious side effects if the vaccine while others feels that she might had an underlying health condition. Its really sad that one vaccine jab took the poor lady's life leaving her child motherless, we atw now all in fear if getting vaccinated because we don't know what could happen.

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