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Covid-19| The age group that will be greatly affected by the Fourth wave

It is the start of December and the fourth wave has been predicted to occur anytime soon due to the increasing number of new cases and the new corona virus variant called Omicron. With that said the age group that is predicted to be affected greatly by the 4th wave will be those aged above 50 years.

It is encouraged that those who are 50 years and above should get vaccinated before the 4th wave begins.

There are a few things that one can implement to protect themselves from the Corona virus. Methods can go from general measures like wearing your masks, washing your hands, sanitizing. Also educate yourself on the early symptoms of corona virus infection and get early medical treatment and get tested and isolate yourself as soon as possible. Additionally if you are well and not sick you can get the Covid-19 vaccine which is available to all South Africans free of charge from your nearest health care center.

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