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Christian Forum ask Concourt to ban Cyril Ramaphosa from compulsory vaccination

Image: Concourt,SANCF emblem, President Ramaphosa. from Pinterest.

The South African National Christian Forum (SANCF) has appealed to the Constitutional Court to immediately ban the government from making vaccinations against Covid-19.

SANCF filed documents with the Supreme Court identifying President Cyril Ramaphosa and cabinet ministers as defendants.

The group is seeking urgent interdisciplinary orders against mandatory vaccination against Covid-19, arguing that it poses a threat to South Africa's constitutional democracy and the Bill of Rights.

They also ask courts to prohibit governments from denying or restricting access or benefits to unvaccinated citizens.

“Christians are now forced to take a Covid-19 vaccination against their religious beliefs as they are told that government is preparing a Covid-19 passport, and without it, they won’t be allowed to go to church. This is further discrimination and creates a stigma to those who choose not to vaccinate,” the SANCF said in an affidavit.

In their court documents, the SANCF demands that the government protect the constitutional rights of all South Africans, regardless of whether they choose a vaccine or not.

The subject will be dealt with next week.

In the accompanying oath statement, SANCF lead pastor Marothi Josias Mashashane said that if the matter was rejected by the court, “the entire democracy would be at stake”.

He said they would argue that it is illegal for employers to require vaccination without considering individual constitutional rights such as physical integrity.

“The applicant will argue that although vaccinations globally has been mentioned as a major role player in the fight against the virus, this does not mean there is or there would not be any possible alternatives,” As his affidavit.

He added that his case was not about the "for or against vaccines" debate, but about freedom of choice.

“The applicant is of the view that leadership is an influence and integrity for people to believe in the leader having the best interest of his or her followers in making any decision, unlike dictatorship, a real leader allows people to make choices without undue duress or fear,” Mashashane said.

This has divided the Christian community to between those that says they have no problem with vaccination, and those that desagree with the vaccination process. It is said that The Christian community is divided on the issue of vaccines against COVID-19.While some South Africans get jabbed, others are against it.

The South African Christian National Forum brought the government to the Constitutional Court.

The forum, which represents more than 300 churches, wants to prevent the government from mandating vaccination against COVID-19.

source: Iol news

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