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OPINION | Was the new covid variant first detected in Africa or Netherlands ?


I hope that they come down hard on them which is highly unlikely South Africans are being punished for alerting the world how sad is that. Next time other countries will not want to come forward with this information in fear of being victimized. Definitely it's political, I think Ramaphosa is being punished because of his calling for sanctions removal on Zimbabwe, supporting dictators. African leaders allowed China to do what they want and getting more of our resources than the West. By the way, Ramaphosa is complaining about travel bans to Southern Africa because of Covid-19, why doesn't he complain when ED and Zanu pf together with other African countries like Uganda, banning opposition leaders to travel and gather people because of Covid-19. As for ED must not complain because by them banning opposition gathering in the name of Covid-19, they are telling the West that Southern Africa is a red zone of Covid-19

It's a lesson to Africans instead of uniting we fight each other today no white man is a foreigner, look because of depending syndrome we rush into saying, the first country to discover 4th wave and isolated immediately then what next wake up Africa and unite. We have best scientist in Africa we must do our things in our African way Africa is rich with herbs and they must try to make our own vaccine that we can trust, thanks God the first corona virus was dectated in China, I can't imagine if China was in Africa. Those people they don't love southern Africa but they need us in the time of their benefits even our president Ramaphosa when announce during family meeting, he was not happy at all with the decision but imagine being victimised for alerting the whole world about the new variant, this is exactly what was being done to Hopewell by the Zimbabwean government, for just exposing looting and corruption

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