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Man paralyzed after taking vaccine and people reacts

Vaccine still comes with a lot of stories that scares the unvaccinated people. People are now taking their jabs after the president urged the nation to vaccinate to protect themselves from the severity of Covid-19 infection.

However, it's beginning to become more worrisome as the same medicine that's meant to prevent people from getting sick has severe side effects.

With other's, side effects aren't severe, it's just a mild headache, drowsiness and a little pain on the arm but others seem to be getting the worst side effects.

Doctors explained that, the vaccine can not take someone's life nor hospitalise them, those who dies were probably suffering from something else.

A lady shared a screenshot of a conversation between herself and her boyfriend. The boyfriend got vaccinated and suddenly couldn't walk and people reacted to her tweet.

" Not sure if this sounds familiar. I got my second jab on the 26th October. On election day whilst standing on the queue, my back became terribly sore. It was the kind of pain I had experienced before after racing in a car at 230Km/h. Heightened causes similar pain", one commented

The lady emphasizes that, her man wasn't sick prior taking the vaccine and explains that , her man explained that began shaking severely after taking the vaccine.

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