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Signs Of High Amount Of Testosterone That A Woman Shouldn't Ignore

A "male hormone" is produced when a man's body generates testosterone. A woman's ovaries and adrenal glands can make a modest quantity of this hormone.

Estrogen is created when estrogen and testosterone work together to promote the growth and maintenance of female reproductive tissues and bone mass. A high level of testosterone in a woman's body can have an impact on her physical appearance and overall health.

If a woman has a high amount of testosterone in her body, she should be aware of the following indicators. Among the services they provide are the following:

1. Women are more likely than men to have pimples on their faces.

2. As a woman grows older, her voice can become huskier.

3. A woman can have an excessive number of hairs on her body and face.

4. As a result of this treatment, she may notice an increase in her muscle mass.

5. Her breasts may contract.

6. A high level of testosterone in a woman can lead to obesity and infertility. A woman's testosterone levels might be excessively high due to a variety of medical issues.

1. Congenital hyperplasia of the adrenal glands.

The adrenal gland is abnormal in those who have this disorder. The adrenal gland produces testosterone. In women with this disease, one of the enzymes required to regulate the production of these hormones is absent. As a result, they produce very little cortisol and a lot of testosterone.

2. The condition of hirsutism

As a result of this medical issue, it has been related to excessive hair growth in women. Hair growth similar to that of a man can affect a woman's back, chest, and face. High testosterone levels in women can cause acne, balding, a loud voice, and smaller breasts.

You should visit a doctor right away if you detect any of these symptoms. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, for example, does not have a cure but can be managed to reduce symptoms.

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