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"My Friend Died This Morning" SA Man Shuts Ramaphosa Up For Making Fresh Covid-19 Vaccine Rules

"My Friend Died This Morning" SA Man Shuts Ramaphosa Up For Making Fresh Covid-19 Vaccine Rules.

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions, scientific and spiritual (personal) beliefs surrounding the Covid-19 vaccination process that's been ongoing since January 2021. Of course this chaos comes with the contention between those who are and accept it and those who don't.

However the negative feedback towards the vaccination process hasn't stopped the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, from pushing forth better and stronger measures to make sure Mzansi is vaccinated. With a recent announcement stating that with recent records, the department of health would soon be rolling out 300k vaccinations per day.

Although this stands as a good news for most pro vaccine pushers, it only gives Ramaphosa the power to give more deaf ears to the cries of thousands who are dying and begging for help as it turns out the vaccine is pulling them closer to their graves.

For those who do not know in the last few months, we've had the highest reports of those having extreme adverse effects from the vaccine. Major posts from the affected victims indicates incessant headache that lingers for weeks until they're helpless.

Furthermore, some have reportedly said they've vomitted blood including a nursing mother of one. This also doesn't sideline the report of a lady who said her mother began getting painful and smelly pores all round her body. Yet all the doctors told her was to take pain killers and antibiotics.

Unfortunately, more deafening reports coming through and this time, it's only pointing out that the vaccination process needs to stop before it gets out of hand.

According to a comment by a guy known as Mthoka, he revealed his friend believed to be a lady has passed away shortly after getting her first jab of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine.

Mthoka's tweet has since garnered so much attention of people who have said that Cyril Ramaphosa should begin to heed to experts who have warns that herd immunity won't work except natural immunity. As the vaccines are proving rather fatal by the day.

We really hope that at this time that the president is focusing of encouraging people to vote for his party, he will heed to the calls to halt the vaccination process. And everyone should advice to think thoroughly before making the decision to be vaccinated.

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