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How To Remove Kidney Stones Naturally With Millet: A Magic Recipe

Get rid of kidney stones can be a painful procedure and slow if it is not as applicable. This treatment on the basis of millet is ideal to combat the inflammation and reduce   the size of the grit, facilitating their expulsion.

Usually the millet cereal is an economic and easy to get. In addition to being super nutritious, food is a wonderful time to delete  the stones housed in the kidneys . 

Even regular consumption , not only helps to alkalize the body, but also to maintain an optimal kidney health. Get rid of kidney stones and improve the functions of the entire system is possible with a simple home remedy.

Today we show you how to perform a natural treatment very effective if you want to clean the whole urinary tract. With millet and water you can do wonders and expel that annoying grit without much pain.

How to remove kidney stones with millet

This remedy has been very popular over the years due to their effectiveness in treating the urinary lithiasis (formation of small crystals of mineral salts housed in the kidneys or in the ureter), clean the bladder, and cure infections and cystitis in women.

In addition the millet is a highly nutritious food that it favors the functions of all the organs is extremely energizing, provides more protein than rice, contains no gluten, it is of easy digestion, helps to regenerate the intestinal flora, provides more fiber than other cereals, regulates blood sugar levels   , provides satiety, iron, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, many antioxidants, B vitamins  and vitamin E.



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Kidney Magic Recipe


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