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BAD NEWS to Vaccinated People, See What The Famous Online Prophet Said About Them


Source: Twitter

As long expected, there is a new variant of the covid 19 virus which might hit our dear country very soon and it has been predicted to arrive in December. Many people ask what will happen to those who have been vaccinated because it is said that the virus can be very different from the existing one. Does this mean they need to be vaccinated again? Read the insights that the amazing prophet gave on twitter about the issues of re-vaccination

Following all the Covid conspiracy theories, the famous prophet makes prophecies that humiliate those who are vaccinated. According to his predictions, a new virus will come and everyone who is vaccinated will be vaccinated again and again. After you take your first vaccine, you should automatically take the next vaccine each time. Check out the tweet below:

In recent days, the Prophet has warned people not to take vaccines. He made some terrible predictions about vaccines that made many people tremble. He also gives medicine to those who have been vaccinated and who want to get the vaccine out of their bodies.

After the Prophet revealed his predictions about an impending virus that would force vaccinated people to re-vaccinate, many vowed never to be vaccinated again because, with the Prophet's help, they threw out the first chemical. See some of the comments below:


The truth is that there is so much we don't realize when it comes to vaccinations and COVID-19. With the government already aware of the impending virus, why not eliminate it if there is time or use a vaccine to protect people from all pandemics? What do you think? Will you be vaccinated again when we have to vaccinate again? Comment below.

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