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Here are 30 REMEDIES WITH GARLIC, everyone should know about


Eating some garlic cloves each day will hold you secure from a majority of these diseases. The blood is purified and rid of a whole lot of toxins. Make the test and you may now no longer be upset due to the fact it's far the day by day fitness with out medication. 


Two tablespoons chopped garlic in 6 tablespoons lemon juice. Macerate for 12 hours. Skip and drink. 

 three) ASTHENIA ( treatments to pick from)

* A rubdown alongside the backbone might be an powerful treatment. Macerate days in a bottle 1\/2 packed with garlic virgin coconut juice. Drink a small glass, two times an afternoon.

* Drink the combination of garlic juice + lemon juice + virgin coconut juice. 

 four) BURNING

Put a tablespoon of garlic juice in a tablespoon of olive oil or shea butter. Beat the combination. Apply through tapping the affected area. 


Infuse for 20 mins tablespoons chopped garlic in a 1/four liter of boiling water. Have a drink withinside the morning on an empty belly and any other withinside the night earlier than going to bed. 


The normal intake of garlic has a satisfied impact at the reasons of most cancers due to the intestinal antiputrid motion of garlic. 


Crush garlic cloves. Apply the paste received at the decayed tooth. 


Garlic reduces ldl cholesterol in take a look at topics who ate up 120g of butter for the duration of fasting. 


Apply a beaten pod or a slice of garlic at the horn and do now no longer overflow and attach with a band, each day till the autumn of the horn (eight to ten days) 


Decoction: boil three tablespoons chopped garlic in 1/2 liter of water for the duration of the minute. Make compresses the usage of this infusion at the painful part. 


Garlic purifies the blood of its sugar. One of the diabetes remedies is to consume a combination of garlic and parsley each day. A British scientific magazine mentioned that garlic is likewise powerful in purifying blood movement from extra glucose. 


After meals, take a natural tea of ​​garlic (there 2 pods in a liter of boiling water) 2 hours later. 


Boil for 15 mins a tablespoon of chopped garlic in 1/four liter of water. Make the enema with this decoction. 


Consume a whole lot of garlic. There is awesome relief. 

 15) LIVER

Take a teaspoonful of chopped garlic. Mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil withinside the night earlier than bedtime invigorates the liver. 


Boil eight cloves of garlic for 20 mins in a single liter of water. Wash affected elements with this decoction. Leave to air dry with out wiping. Then follow a paste crafted from garlic juice and clay at the elements. 


Put 10 cloves of chopped garlic in a pot; warmness up after which do a seat steam bath. Make a clean garlic juice remedy for a week. 

 18) HYPERTENSION (treatments to pick from)

* To decrease the voltage. To macerate the night earlier than bedtime a clove of nicely beaten garlic a tumbler this is inebriated withinside the morning to Jeun.

* Macerate for three days with garlic and lemon juice. Drink a small glass, Twice an afternoon. 


Garlic oil is a completely powerful treatment towards impetigo. Ordinary tablets can take 2 weeks to heal, the remedy is slimy and itchy. One character says that through placing garlic oil at the indignant places, the itching disappears in 1\/2 an hour. Finally. She can sleep all night. In three days, his circumstance returns to normal. 


Garlic oil is a completely powerful treatment towards impetigo. Ordinary tablets can take 2 weeks to heal, the remedy is slimy and

Garlic is an powerful medication towards viruses and different infections. We weigh down five cloves withinside the inexperienced salad or we blend beaten garlic with butter this is unfold on bread. In addition, we drink a tumbler of warm water wherein we combined four tablespoons of cider vinegar and a pair of tablespoons of honey 


Take 2 to three cloves of garlic pat day and four to five for the duration of the Difficult Days. Garlic is a confirmed emmenagogue and stimulates menstrual flow. It heals cramps because of the guidelines



Consume a whole lot of garlic as a condiment, however additionally consume it alone. 


Massage with garlic oil. 


Massage or friction with garlic oil. 


Cook for 20 mins three tablespoons minced garlic in lemon juice. Drink this potion withinside the morning on an empty belly and withinside the night for three to four days. Repeat this remedy each month for three months. 


The rapid recovery meals for the thyroid are people who nourish it and people that purify the whole system. The thyroid feeds at the natural iodine contained in sure meals like all. The nice sources, onion, corn, grey salt, lemon. egg and sea fish. These meals depurate the frame and nourish the thyroid gland. Iodine can't be assimilated with out diet E, however it's far found in different purifying meals together with salads and clean leafy vegetables. 


Macerate three tablespoons chopped garlic in a 1\/2 liter of cider vinegar for 10 days. Take this vinegar to disinfect and heal the wound.

28) Rheumatism Grind garlic in olive oil or shea butter. Take this method to do the rubdown. 

 29) TENIA

Chopped garlic, decocted in lemon juice is powerful on this remedy. Take 2 tablespoons three instances an afternoon 2 hours earlier than meals. 

 30) SNAKE

To save you a snake from popping out of its hole

Place a clove of garlic at the entrance of the hole


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