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Checkout this unique body massages which actually exists

Massages are known for their ability to reduce stress and improve overall health. But Swedish, hot stone, and deep tissue massages aren't the only alternatives available everywhere. How about a knife massage, or an elephant, snail, or snake massage? Strange, huh? I bet you had no idea these massages existed. But this type of massage treatment exists.

1. Elephant Massage.

Did you know that elephants are among the world's gentlest and smartest animals? These large and massive beasts can be your massage therapists. That's right. Elephants are trained to massage in Thailand where they are plentiful. The friendly beast lifts its huge foot and gently massages the human. The elephant's foot is supposed to apply appropriate pressure on the body.

2. Knife Massage.

Essentially, a knife is used to massage the customer's face and body. The concept is that when utilized with a particular massage method, the steel cleavers assist cleanse the body and enhance blood flow. For those of us who know what that kitchen equipment is for, it's amazing how folks leave without a scratch. More importantly, kids are safe and happy.

3. Snail Massage.

Snail facials include letting live snails slide around on your face and body. Snail mucus contains important nutrients that can help heal scars, wounds, and acne.

4. Snake Massage.

Would you dare to lay on a table with snakes or pythons crawling all over you? No way. For starters, snakes are terrifying. Why even approach one, much alone let them crawl all over you?

Surprisingly, pythons are utilized for body massage therapy. The python massage is claimed to be particularly beneficial because it promotes blood flow to the heart, lowering the risk of heart disease. After you get past your first apprehension, this unusual massage with pythons gliding all over your body is supposed to reduce muscular tension and hence stress.

This sort of massage uses non-venomous pythons and snakes that do not bite, so there is no need to be afraid of getting bitten.


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