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Skin Care

7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn't Touch With Your Hands

Our hands play a critical role in the spread of pathogens. Even if you wash your nails correctly with soap or handwash, they become re-contaminated rapidly, especially if you haven't cut them. As a result, contacting sensitive bodily regions could result in infection.

Here are several regions of the body that you should not touch with your hands.

1. Your Appearance

You can wash your face with your hands or apply skincare products with your hands, but keep your hands away from your face. When you rest your hands on a germ-infested surface before touching your face, you increase your chances of getting sick and breaking out.

2.Your Ear Canal

We have a habit of reaching into our ear canals violently, especially when itching or after a bath. The ear canal's fragile thin skin might be severely injured as a result of this. It's recommended to keep your hands away from your ears because they're the first breeding grounds for most diseases.

3. Your Observant Mind

The eyes are the most fragile portion of the body, and they should be treated with caution. Avoid touching your eyes unless you're putting in contact lenses or washing out a particle that has gotten into your eye. Germs in your eyes can cause everything from pinkeye to a more serious infection.

4. Your Oral Cavity

Because our hands carry the majority of disease-causing germs, placing them in our mouths is a no-no. Do not put your hands in your mouth, even if they are clean.


Yes, you may touch your nose, but do not put your fingers inside it. There are helpful microorganisms in the nasal canal, but when you put your fingers there, you bring in other things that can hurt your health. If you truly need to clear your nose, do it using a clean handkerchief.

6.Your Buttocks

Your butt contains bacteria that can be hazardous, so avoid touching it at all costs while not washing it, and make sure you wash your hands properly after wiping it.

7. The Skin Beneath Your Fingernails

According to studies, there are at least twice as many bacteria under your fingernails than anywhere else on your hand. This is because it provides an ideal growing habitat for bacteria that soap-based handwashing can't reach. So, in order to limit the risks of bacteria growing on your fingertips, maintain them short at all times.

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