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Pregnant women Sleeping on floor at Johannesburg Hospital.

Pregnant women are sleeping on the floor at a Johannesburg Hospital for more than three days.This happened at the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Johannesburg.

City of Johannesburg mayoral committee member for Health and Social Development Ashley Sauls visited the hospital in the early hours of Saturday.

Nozuko Mkabayi,the Hospital's CEO told News 24 they had seen an increase in patient load with no increase in Infrastructure development.A video was posted by Ashley Sauls after he received news on Friday night.

"I went there immediately and sadly found it to be true.We cannot allow this to continue,we must restore the heart of the service,he tweeted.

"There are too many patients and the hospital is overwhelmed.Over the past two years we have repurpose beds,and recently we have repurposed 17 beds.This is not a situation that happened overnight".Mkabayi Said.

It is sad to see such a thing happening at our Hospitals.Radical intervention is needed.Our Women cannot suffer like this.

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