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"Crazy Generation" Reactions To A Man Who Underwent Surgery To Divide His Tongue In Two

Surgery to separate the tongue into two pieces was seen on tape by a young man who was presumably between the ages of 25 and 30. Many social media users were unable to keep their composure after seeing this video's frightening content. This person's tongue is being held by a medical practitioner as he gets cut in half with a scalpel in the video featured in this post's screenshots. 

This person's tongue had a thread running through it, indicating that he recently had surgery to divide his tongue in half. Some social media users commented after seeing this video that some of the younger members of this generation are utterly insane. It's hard to believe that a human may have two distinct parts of the tongue. 

Social media users have even argued that the recent practice of people having their tongues surgically divided is a new trend. It is difficult for them to articulate the advantages of this new look. A number of studies have shown that patients who undergo this procedure are likely to confront difficult situations in the future. 

Users on social media have been sharing their thoughts on the topic, and here are some examples:


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Crazy Generation


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