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Uzalo|Deadly poison has been set as trap for the enemy to drink on Uzalo



Nkunzi life is at risk after someone put a deadly poison on his drinks last night, and it looks like Sbu is the guy behind all of this chaos, because he has been looking to kill Nkunzi for a long time and he was failing.

But this time it looks like his plans are coming together because the video shows someone entering Nkunzi's house with the same shoes that Sbu has, and he put a dangerous poison on the drinks that were on the table last night, and its a matter of time before Nkunzi drink it.

Rumors are that Nkunzi is going to die after drinking that alcohol and this will be a huge achievement for Sbu, but he will get the shock of his life when Nkunzi resurrects from the dead.

It's clear that the drama is not ready to lose Nkunzi and he might take short time off the air and return to the show with a huge blow.

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