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Health experts says people should be now forced to take Covid-19 vaccinations.

It seems that black people or anyone living in South Africa no longer have a say, we can no longer express our grievances.

The introduction of the Corona Virus Vaccination looks like it will spark a series of major disputes between the people and the government as people do not support the Corona Virus Vaccine Campaign.

This comes after health experts predicted that if vaccination is not made mandatory, the government will struggle to vaccinate more people by the end of the year. According to health workers, if vaccination is not mandatory in South Africa, the government will be unable to vaccinate the entire population by the end of the year.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said Wednesday that there were slightly over 10 million Covid-19 vaccines in the country.By the end of this year, the government hopes to have vaccinated 67 percent of South Africans.Professor Shabir Madhi, a vaccine specialist at Wits University, said that immunisations were required in some areas to protect people,In institutes of higher learning, restaurants, clubs, bars, and other public venues, he believes vaccination should be mandatory, according to him.

"We have to look at this as a fact, if a 60-year-old individual is vaccinated at work because of his or her age or disease, that person is not entirely protected if he or she works around a lot of unvaccinated people," he said.

In comparison to other poor nations that were still waiting for vaccines, he said South Africa was one of the luckiest countries to be able to buy adequate vaccines.He stated that it was up to South Africans to decide how Covid-19 South Africa should act.

"If people continue to refuse to be immunized, the virus will continue to spread and infect additional people. Once more individuals get infected with the virus, the government will have to make plans to shut down the country in order to stop it from spreading. Wearing a mask can be discontinued as early as next year if the majority of those who are at risk of getting the virus have already been vaccinated "he stated.

it is evident that people will eventually be forced to vaccinate even Dr. Stavros Nicolaou of Aspen Pharmacare and B4SA, was quoted in the media as suggesting that the government needs to tighten its hold on policy, He we on to state that at this time, South Africa would not be able to absorb any further job losses because many people had already lost their employment owing to the virus. He believes the government should enforce the law similarly to how it enforced smoking bans in public areas.

Yes, we understand that the government and health officials are doing all possible to prevent individuals from contracting the virus, but how do they stop people from spreading false vaccination rumours, because they are those rumours are ones who have the most impact on people causing them to refuse to be vaccinated?

And the government must remember that individuals have rights, and that it is still their right to decline immunisations.

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