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OPINION | Mandatory of the vaccine will not work because we survived the first pandemic without it

Mandatory vaccination on cards as Ramaphosa keeps South Africa on level one lockdown, Ramaphosa calls out world leaders for irrational travel bans as scientists gather evidence on new Omicron variant ~ Mail and Guardian


There's no ethical reason for taking a treatment for someone else It's an unethical, immoral and criminal construct. Medication should only be prescribed for someone who can benefit from it, and it's up to them whether they take it or not. No man it's been 20 months and 4 different variants and the government still can't produce the virus under a microscope, grow up and wake up. Either vaccinate, or stay locked up at home common sense. Nobody has a constitutional right to endanger themselves and others by spreading a deadly pandemic. Many people survived the pandemic with out vaccines yet you refuse to use that which God gave us to fight diseases. Their are sever cases positive after taking vaccine, some bad reaction has been positive after taking vaccine. So there's needs to improvement of lab and discover world measurements, we are not kids and can see their tricks

People were labelled conspiracy theorists when they said there is a much bigger agenda at play, and that everyone will be forced to take this vaccine, that is rubbish we are not animals why should someone force you to do what you don't want. This is a Dictator who makes personal decisions without consulting SA communities, his London bosses are calling the shots. We will not comply, SANTACO has stated clearly that we are not fools, we’re not gonna be forced to take a snake bite that doesn’t work on this plandamic. No we are not getting vaccinated because you didn't force a lockdown and lied through your teeth about vaccine safety trying to mandate it, and the existence of Covid

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