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APPENDECTOMY: A youtuber Ndumi Mavimbela shares her story behind the huge scar on her stomach

Ndumi Mavimbela, a public relations graduate and a famous youtuber has shared her story behind the huge scar on her tummy. She has always been confident, wearing swimming costumes and crop tops all the time. This was something Mzansi didn't understand. Today Ndumi decided to share her story on Twitter about the removal of her appendix which is the appendectomy process.

"On the 27th of Aug 2021 I felt so sick throwing up uncontrollably, I then went to the doctor do i could get medical assistance and all they did was treat my vomiting. I was then discharged from the hospital, just when I thought the worst is over I couldn't eat anything all I ever did was throw up uncontrollably I went to another GP and she then told me that I have a bladder infection, medication was prescribed but nothing was just getting better instead I began to experience excruciating abdominal pains which were do unbearable, fast forward to the 1st of September and I had to be rushed in got an emergency operation to remove my appendix which had been raptured. Doctors who performed this surgery had to remove 600m of pus and they couldn't believe what they had witnessed because I was as good as dead. I went through so much pain and it brings me so much joy to be able to tell my story to you all", Ndumi said.

Ndumi started her youtube channel to talk about her recovering journey and explain further how her eppindex got raptured. Young ladies have been fighting many of unseen illnesses. Worse it's something doctor's haven't been paying attention to, Mzansi blame doctors that sent her back on her first attempt to getting medical help. They treated minor problems, no X-ray, tests ran and samples taken. Most people assume many suffer most because of doctors who do not care to get to the cause of the minor problems explained to them.

Either way, Many that have survived surgeries believe it leads them to their purpose, they come out of the dark place strong and ready to inspire other people and raise awareness to the ones that haven't been to the place they came from.


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Mzansi Ndumi Mavimbela


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