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Covid-19| South Africa records just above 10 000 cases on the second day of December

The number of covid related cases are now increasing exponentially. And some experts did caution that soon South Africa will be recording about 10 000 cases daily. There is some serious indication that South Africa is nearing to a situation where there will be more than 10 000 cases reported. It has been reported this evening that a total of 51,402 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours, with 11,535 new cases, which represents a 22.4% positivity rate.

A further 44 #COVID19 related deaths have been reported, bringing total fatalities to 89,915 to date. It was said repeatedly over the recent days that South Africa could experience the wave of corona virus pandemic during the festive season. It must be remembered that, some few days ago South Africa scientists did indicate that they have detected a new variant called Omicron.

And this new variant is currently being studied. Many people are still trying to figure out how this new variant behaves. However, it must be remembered that South Africa is still under alert level 1 of lockdown regulations. It remains to be seen how will the government respond to this sudden increase of Covid related cases.

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