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Our people have a right to refuse vaccination| BREAKING NEWS

Associations are hammering the CCMA, who this week decided that it was fair for a business to terminate a worker who rejected immunization.

Worker's guilds hammered a decision made by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) this week in regards to obligatory work environment inoculation against Covid-19.

The CCMA decided for an organization that terminated a representative after she declined inoculation since she "wouldn't partake in the making of a protected workplace".

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"The law permits you to place in a mandatory inoculation strategy," said Jonathan Goldberg, joint-CEO at Global Business Solutions.

"The business has a legitimate commitment to guarantee the work environment is a protected climate.

"There could be an excusal after an exhaustive interaction."

Cosatu, Fedusa and the National Congress of Trade Unions (Nactu) say they are supportive of immunizing against Covid-19, however against the terminating of laborers who reject vaccination.

"Our kin reserve an option to decline to be immunized and that right can't be disrupted by the CCMA or by anybody besides," said Nactu General Secretary Narius Moloto.

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