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Health bedroom tips for MEN

Low sperm count,weak erection and early ejaculation are major challenges for many men regardless of their age. It is sometimes caused by diabetes,obesity and high blood pressure.

We have complied some home remedies to help men:

1. Low sperm count

Get large quantity of guava leaves,pound,add water and filter. Drink one glass thrice daily for a week.

Eat cucumber and carrots for 2 weeks (measurement of your choice).

2. Weak erections

Get 6 bulbs of white onion,grind and extract the juice. Mix the juice with honey,take 2 spoons thrice daily for one week.

Powdered walnuts with honey can also be used for weak erection

3. Quick ejaculation.

Get 3 bulbs of okra,slice them get the dry seed of it. Ferment everything with soda water for 2 days. Take half cup daily for one week.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Try the above remedies.

Source: Dr Joram Muwonge (herbal Doctor) tiktok

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