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TV Personality Musa Mthombeni Shares What He Experienced After Getting Vaccinated

Musa Mthombeni tested positive for Covid 19, he experienced minor symptoms like headache and back ache before he knew that he's positive. The symptoms of this virus vary and with some people it just becomes severe from the beginning, at least Musa's symptoms were mild and he realized early.

“I got my vaccine months back and so far all my symptoms are very mild. A little headache here and there. Sore throat and that’s it really!" Musa Mthombeni tweeted on Sunday. His post caused a huge stir on media because it is becoming a norm that those who get vaccinated go on media to encourage others. Other people do not appreciate such as the vaccine has complications on other people. As an influential person someone might just go without full knowledge of the side effects and vaccinate then something happens. You'll be the one to blame, therefore people must let other individuals to decide for themselves. Don't put pressure on anyone, what's your take on this?

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