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HEARTBREAKING| Hospitalized Covid-19 patient reveals this to the public

Every day, new cases of the deadly corona virus are reported, and some nations have found more virus strains.

Given the virus's lack of a cure, the Covid-19 vaccinations are our sole line of defense against it. Almost every country is currently in the process of implementing the immunizations.

While the vaccines have been administered to a large number of people, there are many more who refuse to be vaccinated, and these anti-vaxxers are adamant that they will not be immunized.

Emily Burrows, 47, was one of the anti-vaxxers. She had been hospitalized at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for several weeks following a positive Covid-19 test.

The patient became critically ill as a result of Covid-19. She revealed that she regrets not taking the vaccine, as quoted below:

"I'm no longer concerned with anti-vaxxers. They can claim whatever they want, but Covid is real, and the ordeal I've endured is true."

"All I can say to someone who hasn't been vaccinated is to schedule an appointment. Do not subject your family to this. It's harrowing."

Additionally, she feels foolish for listening to anti-vaxxers.

It is only now that she realizes the virus is real and does not play tricks on people.

Everyone is recommended to get vaccinated to ensure adequate protection against the virus; Covid-19 is unlikely to go away anytime soon and can be transmitted by anyone. This is a conflict that is still ongoing.


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Covid-19. Emily Burrows Gloucestershire Royal Hospital


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