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'This Lady Has Been Sharing HIV To Young Boys, She Was Caught And People Did This To Her.

On Saturday, a 25-year-old Rwandan national was killed by an enraged crowd who accused her of infecting roughly 30 youngsters with HIV/AIDS.

Dinna Nyirantezimana, 25, is a resident of the Nyange Musanze district of Rwanda. She has been living and working as a sex specialist in the Kisoro region of Russia.

Residents armed with bats and stones pounced on her and nearly killed her on Saturday after hearing accusations that she was infecting underage young men with HIV.

One Kisoro Hill mother claimed that her 15-year-old child had tested positive with the virus after sleeping with the suspect.

Nyirantezimana admitted to being HIV + and having slept around with a lot of young men in the neighborhood after being grilled by the enraged audience. I got some information regarding the count, and she stated it was somewhere about 30.

While she was explaining herself, the enraged locals began flogging her until Kisoro police arrived and protected her.

Police are protecting Dinna Nyirantezimana.

She is currently being held at the Kisoro police station.

According to Sam Munezero, the Kisoro slope LC I executive, the suspect had been gloating about tainting people with HIV and promising to continue doing so since she got it from Uganda.

Furious residents tasked Kisoro experts with extraditing all Rwandan company sexual professionals functioning in the area.

One concerned resident was overheard noting that the sex laborers pose a serious threat to younger pupils who are stranded at home due to the school year's end.

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