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Weed In One Hand, But What Is The Other Hand Will Sh0ck You (See Picture)

What you will see in the hand of this smoker will make you wonder if some people care about their lives. In this article, you will see a picture of a smoker who had weed in one hand and an inhaler in his other hand.

See the picture below.

What the man was holding in his other hand is called Bronchodilator, or most commonly called an inhaler. An inhaler is a medication that is breathed through the mouth and into the lungs to help relax muscles that tighten around the airways. 

You see, it has no connection with weed, he is holding an inhaler which is legal all over the world in his right hand and weed in the left one, which is illegal in some countries. An inhaler is mostly for asthmatic people.

Smoking weed is not good for everyone, especially people who have asthma. So if you know you have asthma, and even if you don't, don't take weed because it will destroy your lungs. Maintain good health and stay away from drugs and marijuana.

Looking at the picture and what you noticed in his hand, what do you have to say about him? Answer in the comment section. 

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