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Bad news for people who did not vaccine after a lady shared this on social media see comments below

The vaccine is playing a big role in people's lives, why? because it's alleged that it will save them from getting infected from covid or dying. Though some people have found it difficult to understand the importance of vaccinating as they still believe that vaccine is the one that will kill them as it's alleged that a lot of people died after vaccinating.

This is probably not true and if they continue doing that some of them might end up jobless as it seems like a lot of things are changing ever since this vaccine thing has started. Why? Because the President once said there will be a time where only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter certain places like shopping malls and act, and by the look of things it looks like it has started.

For example, a lady by the name of Thembisile took to her social media account to share that she went to vaccine only because she wanted to apply for the new reality show that will air on channel 161 which is THE BIG BROTHER MZANSI. And there was an option where she was asked if she was vaccinated, but because she was not vaccinated she probably thought it jeopardize her chances of getting that job. As it's a reality show and they will be in close contact with a lot of people, and if you are not vaccinated you are at a high risk as you might get infected by covid simple, and you might infect other people in the house.

And it seems like other people applying for jobs are also experiencing the same thing. Why? A lady in the comments section below also mentioned that she applied for the teacher's assistant position and she was asked if she has vaccinated and she said no, and she didn't get a callback but some people she knows did.

She feels that could be the reason why she didn't get the call for the interview. I guess it's time people start taking this vaccination thing seriously as it seems like they will miss out on great opportunities because they didn't vaccine. And she's not alone here are comments below where people shared their experience:

The people mean business when it comes to vaccination, let us all take it seriously as well lets go and vaccine. vaccine

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