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Here is what was reportedly noted in patients suspected to be hit with Omicron variant in SA

The doctor who reportedly took note of the Omicron variant reportedly stated that the few cases of the variant had shown mild symptoms .

It was revealed that some of the intected people had even fully recovered without having been hospitalised .The Chairperson of the South African Medical Association , Angelique Coetzee informed that she had come across close to 30 patients in the past ten days who had tested positive but their symptoms were not farmiliar .

She said that they felt extremely tired , hence the need to go to hospital .She added that tiredness was rare in younger patients .Most of the patients were reported to be men and less than half were vaccinated .

Some symptoms that were noted included having a scratchy throat , dry cough and mild muscle aches .A few had high temperatures according to what Angelique said .She said that the symptoms were mild , in comparison to other forms of variants .


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