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Opinion and important - There is a flu making rounds please be careful Mzantsi

There is a flu making it's rounds because of what they are spraying in the air & because of haarp. Many people are panicking, some are even going to test for COVID & surely others are going for the vaccine. This will result in numbers going up & the vaccination rate will pick up.

My message to you is do not panic!

Increase your vibration by fasting & trying eating organic especially raw foods).

Go back to yourself!

Spend time in nature, try to have as much clean thoughts as you can & spend time alone to monitor your feeling.

Lastly My advise to people is avoiding going around at night, especially month-ends. If u got flu already, stay away from healers who wear white coats, try that granny's homemade medicine and isolate yourself from the public and risks like finding yourself in the rain. Let's try to keep alive my fellow countrymen, we need each other more now than ever. Lastly, keep the spirit of RESISTANCE alive.

I had a dream of people running but I did not see what they were running from(it was at night)

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