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3 Common Sleep Positions And Their Effects

Most individuals fall asleep twice without thinking about their place of sleep. Many people do not even think about sleeping in one form or another. However, sleep experts and doctors argue that our sleeping area is important. Snoring, sleep apnea symptoms, neck and back pain and other health problems can make your bed worse or worse.

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 Know the effects of your sleeping position;

 1. Lying on your stomach.


 When you lie on your stomach, you are more likely to rest and throw and find a comfortable position. It can also put pressure on your neck and lower back. If this is how you prefer sleeping, a soft pillow or whatever may be enough to make your neck comfortable.

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 2. Lie on your back.

 Although sleeping on your back may be comfortable for many people, it can cause low back pain in some. And if you already have or are suffering from sleep apnea, it can make the situation worse. If you feel uncomfortable in any other way and you have severe pain due to one of these problems, talk to your doctor about what can help.

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 3. Sleep next to you.

 Side effects are recommended by doctors and sleep specialists for a variety of reasons. When lying on your side, the spine can be lengthened and remain neutral relative to the right mattress. This helps prevent neck, back and shoulder pain.

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