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South Africa records 16,055 new Covid-19 cases. Should The President Move The Country to Level 4?


04 December 2021

It is the 4th day of the new month and the numbers of new cases are extremely high.

The biggest question amongst others is, what should be done to avoid all the mess that we are in? Should the president close the country and call it December.

According to the reputable source as of February 16, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) reported 16,055 new Covid-19 cases in South Africa, which brings the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases to 3,004,203.


Although this was accepted as the festive season is the month of the festive season. During this time people are visiting and reuniting with their loved ones. If you remember well, the fourth wave was preassumed by scientists and researchers.

Although most people found it awkward for scientists to be able to see the fourth wave before it took place, it is important to remember that such people are scientists and have the qualifications to do such.

The biggest question is will it be fair to impose restrictions given that they have a direct impact on the country's economy and lives. Is it fair to risk with lives for the betterment of the very same people's lives?

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