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My Vaccine Side Effects Seem Heavier Than Some Describe

A lot of people are now getting used to our new normal, being vaccinated and most people accepted that just like any other medicine it has side effects. The problem is that not everyone experiences minor side effects, other people go through severe effects. The side effects are not to be ignored if they go on for more than 24 hours. Bonnie Mbuli recently got her jab and she went on her Twitter page to share her experience. She said: “My vaccine side effects seem heavier than most describe, can’t even get out of bed, didn’t even feel this bad when I had Covid 19. Did anyone else have hectic side effects?”

Some people responded to this tweet badly, they believe that by sharing such a thing she is instilling fear in those who have not been vaccinated. She mustn’t be blamed because she’s not spreading lies, but she’s letting others know what she’s going through. At least others may be calm if they going through the same thing.

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