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Signs Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest People Above 35 Should Never Ignore

Cardiac arrest is a potentially fatal medical condition in which the heart stops beating suddenly, depriving the body's cells of oxygen. In less than a few minutes, the body shuts down completely, causing death. People between the ages of 35 and 45 who are in their mid-30s or mid-40s are most prone to experience a sudden cardiac arrest.

These folks must be informed of the signs and symptoms of this awful medical condition so they can get help right once and prevent fatalities. These are some of the signs of cardiac arrest that you should be aware of, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

1. One of the symptoms of a sudden cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of consciousness. Any moment during the event, this symptom may manifest. The victim feels lightheaded and loses consciousness as a result of electrical issues shutting down the heart and other vital organs.

2. The individual might feel their heart is beating quickly. If you have a sudden increase in heart rate without exercising, a cardiac arrest can be about to occur.

3. Experiencing tightness or pressure in the chest Another sign of cardiac arrest is chest pain, which you should pay attention to and not ignore. Some people are so uninformed that they choose to ignore their life-threatening chest problems.

4. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy - Feeling lightheaded or dizzy is a typical sign of cardiac arrest. A person becomes lethargic and confused when the oxygen-rich cells and tissues of the body are depleted.

5. Although it might be hard to imagine, having a terrible feeling in your stomach could indicate a sudden cardiac arrest. Never ignore nausea or vomiting as a potential heart arrest warning symptom.

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