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Umgqwaliso is dangerous can make your life difficult, below are signs of it (opinion)

Witches use their witchcraft to witch people by umgqwaliso (discretion), this can be dangerous, a person will start to have bad luck

People will hate you and always wanted to fight with you, this is dangerous because you will end up injured

Because a person with umgqwaliso is always wanted to fight, get angry very fast

A person will always regret after fighting or beating other people

Umgqwaliso is used by witched to destroy a person's life, because there person will end up in jail

According to a research mgqwaliso is an extremely contagious, the name of umqgwaliso was originated from xhosa

It is believed when you have umgqwaliso budluck will start to happen to you life, umqgwaliso symptoms




It is believed that umgqwaliso is spread through air, physical contact, witches have ability to witch a person by umgqwaliso

To make his life stuck, the only solution is to consult a traditional healers is where you will find out

About you problems and how you must solve them, the is different between isichitho and umgqwaliso

Symptons are the same but they are different that is why it is important to find out exactly which one you have

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