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Kidney Stone Disease: Avoid Taking Too Much Of These 3 Things To Live Long

Kidney stones (also called kidney calculus, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis) are solid deposits made of minerals and salts in your kidneys. Diet, overweight, some health problems and some over-the-counter medications are some of the causes of kidney stones.

The kidneys not only remove the waste kidneys, but also keep the nutrients in the blood and body fluids at the right level. This means they must remove excess minerals such as potassium and sodium, which are then excreted in the urine. When done properly, the kidneys produce important hormones.

Below are some signs of kidney stones that you should not ignore.

Abdominal or back pain.

Pain during urination.

Cloudy pink or foul-smelling urine.

Sudden urination.

Decreased urination


Fever and chills.

You get blood in your urine.

Your urine is foam.

Recurrent persistent swelling around your eyes.

Note: A stone may come out of your kidneys, but after you start to see these symptoms in your body, visit a specialist or doctor carefully.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when it comes to living longer.

Too much salt

Salt can affect our health and increase the risk of developing kidney stones and gallstones. Two conditions are the main cause of Bill's salt maladaptation.

If you eat a lot of sodium, the substance in salt, which increases the amount of calcium in your urine. After you finish eating, any extra oxalate "sticks" to the calcium in the kidneys. This can create a stone

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Excessive alcohol consumption greatly increases the risk of kidney stones. High levels of purine in beer and cereal alcohol can cause kidney stones. They are chemical compounds that can lead to uric acid kidney stones.

Alcohol affects the body's ability to control fluid and electrolytes. When alcohol dries, the effects of dehydration can affect the normal functioning of the cells.

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Animal protein

Limiting animal protein, overeating of animal protein such as red meat, poultry, eggs and seafood increases uric acid levels and can lead to kidney stones. A high-protein diet lowers urinary citric acid, which helps prevent the formation of chemical stones in the urine.

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